Second Chance and a New Beginning

Can you believe May is almost here?  The last few months have moved so  quickly, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share why April is so  important for anyone impacted by incarceration.  Prison Fellowship declare Second Chance Month for the first time in April of 2017.  More  than 77 organizations joined the nonpartisan effort and the movement has  grown from there.  On June 25, 2020, Governor Cooper signed the Second  Chance Act into law which will become effective December 1st of this  year.

Why is the Second Chance Act important for North Carolina?  At least 1  in 4 residence have criminal records that often create devastating  “collateral consequences” that impact housing, employment and other  opportunities.  The law expands the eligibility for expunging multiple  nonviolent misdemeanor convictions and automates expungement of certain  dismissed or “not guilty” charges.  You can learn more about the laws  impact here. 

As  we prepare for the arrival of of six clients over the coming months, we  celebrate our clients in community achieving milestones, meeting  personal goals and giving back to our Changed Choices community.  I hope  the Second Chance Act opens even more doors for them in the coming  year.

In joyful cadence,

Diane Hunt
Executive Director and CEO 

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