Can you remember…

Can you remember the last prayer you know wholeheartedly was answered for you?  For two of our pre-release clients, it was earlier this week.

V has been working diligently the last few months through a treatment program provided by the state prison.  She has shared her struggles, frustrations and rejoices with our Pre-Release Manager, Lindsay Knuckles, as she did the hard work of recovery.  V was joined in the program by another Changed Choices client, and leaned on their relationship for strength and support.  V’s successful completion of the program meant she would be moving to another building within the facility, and was anxious to not have the support of other Changed Choices clients in maintaining her progress.  Early this week, she shared her apprehension with Lindsay so they talked through some strategies and joined in prayer for new supportive relationships

R is 15 months away from release.  Over the last few months, she has worked wholeheartedly at her personal and spiritual goals, and focused on connecting with others while setting healthy boundaries.  R expressed her apprehension with new starts and new relationships, and wanted to continue starting her day in the Word and prayer.  With just over a year until her release, R wants to surround herself with people who share her focus and dedication.

V moved to the new building earlier this week and met her new bunkmate.  They strike up a conversation and her bunkmate shared she has a focused morning routine–in the Word, prayer, bible study…and she is part of an organization that is helping her achieve her goals.  Can you guess who V’s new bunkmate is?  Another woman invested in working toward her personal, communal, familial and spiritual goals…another Changed Choices client named R.

V ran to the phone and called Lindsay to share the good news.  Over and over, V kept saying, “Lindsay, this is what we prayed for!”  These two amazing women, working so diligently at creating lasting change in their lives, now have a new daily support system.

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