Our Dream

We are often blessed with words of encouragement, thoughts, prayers and stories from the amazing women we serve.  We recently asked them to share how God is working in their lives right now, and share their words and thoughts with you.  The following is from our client, Ronda.

One night when I had gone to bed, I had this crazy dream.  I saw an angel watching over me with great intent it seemed.  His wings were torn and ragged; they were such an awful sight.  His bruised and battered body showed the marks of many fights.  His garments hung tattered and he had no shoes at all; he was trembling as he stood there, I thought he would fall.  I walked right up to him and asked how his condition came to be.  He turned in my direction and these words he spoke to me…

“I know you have never seen me and I may look tired and worn.  But I have been your guardian angel since the day you were born.  At first, it was an easy job when you were just a child; you hardly got in trouble and seldom got to be wild.  But when you grew older and your childhood slipped away, you went out into the Devil’s world and you began to play.  You started out with alcohol and soon graduated to drugs.  You started chasing the thrill, and hanging out with thugs.  Every year you grew more evil, but I never left your side.  I helplessly stood by and watched you cheat, steal and lie.  Some things you have done were foolish and they ended you in jail.  At least I would get a little rest, until someone paid your bail.  When I look back at the pain you’ve caused and the things you have destroyed, there have been times I have wished to be unemployed.  Then came the day of reckoning and you have been allowed to see.  By all your sinful living, look what you have done to me.  I got all these bruises shielding you from demons I would fight, who wanted you to do things that you know were not right.  I have flown into many storms so I could bring you out.  If I had not been there, you would have died no doubt.  To free you from his clutches many battles I have fought.  I’ve had fights with evil that would sometimes last all day.  I even lost the shoes I wore somewhere along the way.  But I have grown so weary, I can hardly walk and God decided you and I should have this little talk.”

Then, the angel opened up my eyes and my life started flashing by.  I could only stand there watching as the tears came to my eyes.  My life started flashing by.  I could only stand there watching as the tears came to my eyes.  I remembered what I had seen and heard and I broke down and cried.  I knelt down at my bedside and hung my head in shame.  Alone and brokenhearted, I called on Jesus’ name.  I asked Him to forgive me and take away all my sins.  He gave me a peace I have never know; I have given my life to Him.  Although He knows I’m saved, my guardian angel is still standing by.  I’ll always do the best I can to see that I don’t make him cry.  When my life is over and I walk that final mile, I know he will be watching and on his face he will have a SMILE…

“You brought us into prison and laid on our backs.  You let people ride over our heads.  We went through fire and water but you brought us to a place of abundance.”—Psalm 66: 11-12

I am trusting that God is currently working to bring me through circumstances to a place of abundance.

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