The Power of Self-Advocacy

What is self-advocacy?  It’s a question our staff has been discussing over the past few months as clients share stories of success with us.  Women speaking up about their physical and mental health, diving into relationship work and setting healthy boundaries.  How can we as an organization quantify the power of self-advocacy?  Recently, a pre-release client shared this powerful story:

Background information…I was working 3 jobs, working up to 18 hours a day–which allowed me to be at the halfway house sometimes only two hours a day (which was great because I don’t like being there).  Only enough time to shower and leave again.  I was tired but at least I was working.  Well, one day, they realized I wasn’t staying at the halfway house “enough” hours in the day, so they immediately made me quit one job and drastically cut my hours for the rest.  I was devastated, angry and depressed.  Luckily my jobs liked me enough to start a bidding process for me to stay on full time, but I wanted more.  I heard God’s voice say, “ask me for what you want” and I did.  I actually listened instead of fixing the situation myself.  I let Him open the doors for me, and He did.  Long story short, I was offered a full time job doing something I love.  It doesn’t even feel like work!  I am paid for helping people.  I work at a mental health center and I love it.  But the most beautiful part was…I listened to G

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