Seeing the change in all of us

Alisha is one of our newest Ruth Snyder Home residents. The week she arrived, we went to Camino’s thrift store to get some clothes and then on to the food bank for pickup. At the food bank, the distribution workers were efficient and well organized, but the small parking lot was a hot mess. Getting in line was not easy to navigate, and would easily frustrate anyone. When we finally able to pull up to the loading dock, we were waved off by another recipient whose husband had pulled in behind us.

Alisha jumped out of the car, and asked the woman if she could help load their vehicle. When we were both finished, Alisha said, “I think they needed someone to be kind to them today. It may change the rest of their day.” What a sweet spirit. She taught me a lesson I needed to hear. How can you change the rest of someone’s day today?

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