How are federal clients released?

Release from federal prison is a multi-step process:

  • In many cases, inmates won’t go straight home from prison. By law, you can serve the last part of your sentence in pre-release custody. This could be in a halfway house like DISMAS, community corrections center or in-home confinement. Our client, H.W., will serve the remaining three months of her sentence at a local federal halfway house.
  • For federal inmates, supervised release takes the place of parole. The conditions of this depend on multiple factors including sentencing and behavior during incarceration.
  • U.S. Code 3624 ensures the Bureau of Prisons provides street clothes and gate money upon release. Gate money often covers the cost of transportation from an airport or bus terminal to your final destination.
  • The Bureau of Prisons provides transportation to either your home before incarceration or your family home.

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