What’s a Release Card?

Rounding out our January series from Prison Policy Initiative, what’s a Release Card? When a person leaves a correctional facility, they often receive their funds, which include wages earned while incarcerated, support from family members, or money they possessed when arrested, on a pre-paid debit card. While pre-paid debit cards are common, it might be […]

Mail Scanning

In February 2020, The North Carolina Department of Public Safety began a test of TextBehind for the female inmate population. TextBehind, a private mail processing company, was commissioned to process all written mail. No longer does an inmate in North Carolina received written mail; all mail is first sent to Maryland where TextBehind is located. […]

Phone Justice for inmates and families

In December of 2022, Prison Policy Initiative share the state of phone justice for inmates and their families. Rates for calls from prisons and jails have come down in recent years thanks to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state legislators efforts. North Carolina still ranks among the highest cost, $3.01 per 15 minute call, […]

Prison Policy Initiative 2022 report

Prison Policy Initiative, a nonprofit established in 2001 to produce cutting edge research to expose the broader harm of mass criminalization, recently released a collection of their most important stories and research for 2022. This month, we will touch on how this information directly impacts the women we serve. In April of 2022, Prison Policy […]

Keeping connected just got easier

The last weeks of December brought new hope to families and inmates. On December 22nd, the Martha Wright-Reed Just and Reasonable Communications Act of 2022 was passed by the House of Representatives and is headed to the President’s desk. This legislation gives the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the authority to establish maximum service rates in […]

It all comes at a cost

“It’s more like $100…it takes about $100 a month to cover your costs in prison.”

Maternal Incarceration casts a long shadow

In the next few weeks, two Changed Choices clients will be able to celebrate the holidays with their children. After years of incarceration, each mother will be able to hug their children, sit across the table for a meal, and wrap Christmas presents themselves. “They had to do the time right alongside me.” Did you […]

Increase of suicides in NC facilities

This week, the Charlotte Observer highlighted an alarming increase in people dying by suicide while incarcerated in North Carolina. “Since January 1, nine inmates have ended their lives in the prisons, an average of one a month, according to the state Department of Public Safety. Only once in the past 30 years-in 2018-have North Carolina […]

Sharing their stories

Last year, we reached out to our Pre-Release clients and encouraged them to share their stories. What words are you encouraged by today?