Prison Mail Access and Limitations

The initial goal was simple: mitigate the flow of contraband moving into state and federal prisons by changing the flow of communication. In February of 2020, North Carolina Department of Public Safety tested this theory with the implementation of TextBehind and mail to the female incarceration population. Mail posted by family or friends to a […]

No Known Inmate

When we picked up the mail last week, these words were stamped across each envelope addressed to our remaining client awaiting sentencing at Mecklenburg County Detention Center. She has been held since 2018 awaiting sentencing; most people are held at the detention center for less than two years. After multiple stops and starts, she finally […]

The Pencil Chronicles

Writer: Heather Westerfield I am a 37-year-old mother of two and currently incarcerated at the  Mecklenburg County Detention Center. I have been in jail for a little  over two years and reading and writing have become major tools for my  survival. I have been on a quest to better myself and use my time wisely […]

My Dream

“During COVID, I had a pretty amazing dream.  I was looking out the window one day, and looked at the clouds.  All of a sudden, Jesus appears with Peter.  The first thing out of my mouth was ‘OH C_ _ P! (not the most appropriate thing to say in front of Jesus, I know).  Angels […]